Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Blind Side

The Blind SideI just watched this movie for the second time, and I think I enjoyed it more this time than the first. What an inspiring story. My wife and I are Rotarians, and do a lot of charitable work.I think when ever I need a inspirational boost The Blind Side will be my movie of choice, at least for the time being. Guys, it's also a great date movie.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why do MOVIES move people?

Movies are full of power and potential. Movies are Cool. Movies are a way of showing people what they feel. Movies evoke expressions of  love, hate, power, greed, happiness, distruction, healing. The emotions are just need to tap into them. So, this being my first post, here we go. Here's what i'll do:

I will contribute my opinion to a variety of movies, some now and some from my past. I will chime in on my feelings about a show, and I hope you will too. Let's see what happens. Bust out some  great popcorn and post your comments. Hang on, here we go....

Over all I will report on movies, their venues, yes, the movie houses themselves. So be on the lookout for me, Gordon, the movie critique.... let's have some fun at the movies. I will seek out the best popcorn.....more on that subject in another post.

I also belong to a local group called, The Redmond Rousers Rotary club. See the good work we do in our community. If you are looking to help your community and do SERVICE to others, you should be at the next meeting. You wil find me there every Tuesday nights, unless of course, I'm at a movie premeire.